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Press Release: RETURN TO HOME PORT™ Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website

RETURN TO HOME PORT™ is a resource for organizations and individuals looking to access military-connected programs, processes, and people to achieve your next level of success. Our core mission is to apply strategy and deliberate planning to empower organizations and individuals to reach goals earlier and more effectively at a lower cost and with reduced risk.

Whether you are a corporate professional seeking to understand the myriad of military-connected opportunities to improve your organization’s performance, business reach and bottom line, or you belong to the military-connected community and are seeking to utilize opportunities offered by the services for professional development in the civilian world, we can help.

We apply proprietary RTHP™ strategies, plans and methodologies to the tasks at hand, and though the power of collaboration, communication, and collective effort, we help you turn the challenges you face in your organization or career into opportunities for achievement and success.

We develop pipelines to fully-funded military-connected programs that companies can access for talent acquisition, or for learning institutions to attract students.

We inform and advise about numerous military-connected processes that organizations can adopt to reduce risks, anticipate challenges, plan for alternatives, identify opportunities and implement solutions.

Most importantly, we build relationships with the thousands of military-connected people who have proven skill sets, are loyal to the organization and dedicated to the community, and who seek to improve their career performance while in the service, and at the right time, their career possibilities in the civilian world.

We invite everyone to visit our website,, for valuable resources and guidance on achieving personal and professional objectives, including those to achieve success for your company and business. Leverage our battle-tested strategies to create quality outcomes. Start taking control of your future – contact us today!

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